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Prairie Biosciences Canada is a pan-western trade initiative in partnership with BioScience Association Manitoba, Ag-West Bio and BioAlberta. Our mandate is to accelerate the growth of the clean technology sectors in the bioscience industries of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. 

PBC profiles the clean technology cluster in western Canada and provides training and mentorship opportunities related to trade show readiness and market acquisition. We also coordinate the planning and participation of delegates in trade missions.

Regional Partners

Bioscience Association Manitoba

Ag-West Bio



Bioenterprise is an award-winning, national, non-profit commercialization accelerator, supporting the growth of Canada‚Äôs agri-tech industries, providing customized business advisory services, industry and technical expertise, and global connections to advance innovative agri-businesses.

As a Canadian non-profit organization, we leverage provincial and territorial strengths to be the reference, the national voice for the cleantech sector nationwide.


Biomass Quality Network Canada